First European Arnett Orthognathic Surgery Forum Symposium

Thursday October 11th, 2018
Adrián Mateos

First European Arnett Orthognathic Surgery Forum Symposium

The Arnett Advanced Orthognathic Surgery, Orthodontic and Prosthetic Planning Symposium arrives to Europe with the collaboration of the prestigious Dr. William Arnett. One of the main sponsors is Nemotec, company which has developed the NemoFAB, a leading software for Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontics.

For the first time in Europe, after 23 years, the AOSF chooses Madrid to present to Orthodontists and Surgeons, the Orthodontic and Prosthetic Planning Symposium. The objective of the Forum is to improve patient care by providing advanced education in reconstructive dentistry, Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery. The speakers of the event, led by Dr. William Arnett, are international leaders in their fields.

The Symposium takes place on 16-17th November at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center (Av. De Aragón, 400) in Madrid, Spain.

During the Symposium, the doctors will enjoy a complete program, with renowned KOL, who will present clinical cases made with NemoFAB, the leading software for Orthognathic Surgery and Orthodontics used worldwide.

Planning Symposium: 16-17th November 2018, Hotel Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center

DR. G. WILLIAM ARNETT (Santa Barbara, USA) BSSO: Plates vs. screws – which protects joint function and long term stability?

DR. NICO VRIJENS (Maastricht, the Netherlands) What are the limits of Orthodontic treatment when the face, airway, and bite (FAB) goals are considered?

DR. RENATO COCCONI (Parma, Italy) When do I decide Orthodontics is not enough and surgery is necessary?

DR. DOMINGO MARTIN (San Sebastián, Spain) Progressive Condylar Resorption, Condyle Position and Orthognathic Surgery from an Orthodontic Perspective

DR. BRUNO ARDANZA (Madrid, Spain) Is PGRF an alternative to medications and/or splint therapy in joint treatment?

DR. ELISABETTA GRENDENE (Verona, Italy) What is ideal post-surgical Orthodontics bite refinement?

PROF. MIRCO RAFFAINI (Parma, Italy) What constitutes planning and treating to produce a beautiful face?

DR. OCTAVIO CINTRA (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Prosthetic, Orthodontic and Surgical Planning for the perfect result – how’s it done?

DR. L. DOUGLAS KNIGHT (Louisville, USA) Skeletal anchorages plates: what malocclusions can be treated?

DR. RICHARD ROBLEE (Fayetteville, USA) Corticotomy Orthodontics: the difficult Orthodontic problem made easy?

DR. JULIO CIFUENTES (Santiago, Chile) How is the facial profile treatment planned to cure OSA?

PROF. ANTONIO D’AGOSTINO (Verona, Italy) What and how is stable 3-dimensional bite reconstruction accomplished? Orthodontic preparation? Surgical techniques?

PROF. LORENZO TREVISIOL (Verona, Italy) Virtual surgical planning: advantages and limits of the 3D environment?

DR. JEFFREY MCCLENDON (New York, USA) How and why is equilibration used after surgery and orthodontics?


About Nemotec

Nemotec, a Spanish company, releases its new version of NemoStudio, an open, flexible and unique digital multidisciplinary platform that offers a solution for each dental specialty with substantial new features and improvements, responding to the needs of the dental industry. Nemotec, a leading Spanish technology company for the dental industry, was created in 1992 ” to provide dentists, clinics, laboratories and technology companies with flexible and open solutions to print professional dental products “, says Javier Blanco, CEO of Nemotec.

Currently Nemotec has more than 50 employees from different specialized branches, sales in more than 60 countries and has a network of 14 distributors spread in strategic areas worldwide. The company presents its new version of the unique digital multidisciplinary platform for dentistry in the world known as NemoStudio.

Among which, highlighted in each module:

  • NemoCeph – Cephalometric Software.
  • NemoCast – Software for Orthodontic diagnosis and planning.
  • NemoScan – Software for Implantology diagnosis and planning.
  • NemoFAB – Software for Orthognathic surgery, in collaboration with Dr. Arnett.
  • NemoSmile Design – Software for Digital Smile Design.