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The New Digital Age in Dentistry

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Why NemoUniversity?
Training of dental software with a wide range of standard or personalized courses studying in a multidisciplinary environment. Presentations, videos, articles that facilitate learning according to the specific needs. You will also have access to events with people referring to the dental sector.
Update yourself
Real-time training with the latest technology in the dental sector. The use of the software allows to innovate and improve the results. Every dentist can differentiate and specialize by acquiring new skills: Digital planning, digital communication, 3D images, etc.
At your own pace
Flexibility for learning. You can study when you want and from any place increasing the individual commitment of each one. We also answer your questions, and share experiences and knowledge with other students. Dynamic, practical and interactive environment.
Check the calendar and obtain all the courses and trainings that you need.
Show schedule
Dr. Carlos Concejo
Maxillofacial surgeon
Working with Nemotec in orthognathic surgery and in particular with NemoFAB is the perfect combination to be a better surgeon.
Dr. Suárez Quintanilla
Orthodontic Professor
With NemoCast and as an orthodontist; I can work safely, it allows me to set fixed treatment goals and it helps me to define the clear way to determine the treatment sequences.
Dra. María Magallón
Orthodontic Professor
As a doctor and teacher in Orthodontics, I consider digital technology a key element for the future of dentistry.
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