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Virtual Articulator Course v.2021

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Virtual Articulator

English Language

Miguel Ángel Moral bn

Miguel Ángel del Moral – V.P. Software Development NEMOTEC

Take this opportunity to discover what Virtual Articulator can improve your daily-work. This webinar is really of your interest. Miguel Ángel del Moral, responsible for the development of the new virtual articulator, will explain how to take advantage of this tool, which is undoubtedly becoming something essential to determine a more effective diagnosis and treatment planning.


• Basic points of the Virtual Articulator: Occlusal plane point, condylar axis points, etc.
• Selection of three different methods to define the basic control points of the virtual articulator:

  • To infer automatically
  • To estimate the points of the condyles
  • To trace the points of the condyles

• Visualization and editing of control point parameters (intercondylar distance, benner angle, etc)

• Movement control: Protrusion, retrusion, laterality and autorotation

• Dynamic displays of movement in real time.• Display options: distance calculation

• Visualization of dental guides and contacts: Monson’s sphere, route guides mechanical, anatomical landmarks and occlusogram

• Visualization of distances and estimated Bonwill triangle and current configuration

• Individualization and personalized adjustment for each case

• Automatic estimation of the basic points for the virtual articulator

• Prediction and simulation of maxillary and mandibular penetrations

• Virtual parameterizable occlusogram

• Comparison and visualization of differences between condyles and bone structures in 2D planes

• Registration and import of dynamic maxillofacial relationships

Video curso online

Virtual Articulator Course v.2021

school Experto
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